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The Billing Setup modules form the core of the system’s billing and costing logic.


The Categories module contains records for each category of revenue or cost. There are four kinds of Category records:

  1. Activity - Activity Categories are time categories, such as “Account Management”, “Computer Programming”, and “Art Direction.” 2 Item – Item Categories are product categories, such as “ACE License” or “Widget.”
  2. Purchase - Purchase Categories are cost categories, such as “Printing”, “Office Supplies”, and “Computer Equipment.”
  3. Other - Other Categories do not have any billing logic and generally include things like “Discount” and “Fee.”

Every source of revenue or cost throughout the system is assigned to a Category. Each Category record, in turn, is associated with both a revenue-side and cost-side general ledger accounting code. This allows users to assign the same category (e.g., “Printing”) to both a Purchase and an Invoice, for example. All the necessary accounting logic is completely transparent. Similarly, it facilitates auto-generating Invoices from actual costs with the appropriate mark-up, comparing costs vs. billed, and other activities of that sort that are normally difficult.

Rate Cards

The Rate Cards module stores the hourly rates for Activity Categories, mark-ups for Purchase Categories, and unit rates for Item Categories. You can create custom Rate Cards on a per client basis, or you can have groups of clients share the same Rate Card.

Rate Card Manager

The Rate Card Manager allows for more efficient management of the relationship between Rate Cards and Categories and the respective rates. For example, this module allows users to easily increase the rates for a particular product group by a particular percentage for all Rate Cards.

Other Applications

The following applications are designed to work hand-in-hand with Billing Setup:

"Billing Setup" is part of the aACE 4.0 line of products, developed by Avant Garde Information Solutions, LLC.