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Foreign Exchange Support

The accounting engine processes transactions in the default currency. Purchases and Invoices can be generated in foreign currencies. Rates for exchange calculations are based on pre-set rates. Adjustments are performed by accounting oversight. Layouts display converted figures live.

General Ledger Accounts

The Accounts module is the source of the Balance Sheet and Income Statement reports. It stores current and past account balances.

General Ledger Transactions

The General Ledger Transactions module contains one record for every transaction that impacts accounting regardless of the source journal (e.g., Invoices, Purchases, Receipts, Disbursements, or General Journal). It is used for analysis purposes and forms the basis for integration with other accounting programs (such as “QuickBooks”).

General Ledger Detail

The General Ledger module contains a record for every debit and credit.

Tax Profiles

The Tax Profiles module is used for sales tax management.

Period Management

The Period Management module allows managers to close periods, thereby preventing additional transactions against a particular month. It is also used to close a fiscal year.

General Journal

The General Journal module is used to move funds between Accounts, correct errors, account for indirect expenses, and things of that sort.

Check Register

The Check Register module is used to scrutinize cash accounts in a familiar check register format, with “Withdrawals” (credits) and “Deposits” (debits) organized left to right. It also shows additional bank statement reconciliation detail.

Bank Statement Reconciliation

The Bank Statement Reconciliation module is used to reconcile the book balance with the bank balance.

Other Applications

The following applications are designed to work hand-in-hand with Accounting:

"Accounting" is part of the aACE 4.0 line of products, developed by Avant Garde Information Solutions, LLC.