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aACE 4.0

A multi‑module management system designed by Avant Garde Information Solutions, LLC for professional services companies.
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aACE 4 is a complete business management suite providing a full 360 degree view of every aspect of your business, allowing you to track a transaction from the sales lead to the balance sheet. aACE 4 runs on both Mac and PC computers and is available in three different versions depending on your needs:

aACE Business Suite for Professional Service Companies Perfect for organizations with complex workflow and billing requirements. aACE for Professional Services includes project management and resource scheduling, accurately captures time and expenses, supports different cost and pricing models, and features tools for managing payment collection.

aACE Business Suite for Product-Based Businesses Built for multi-channel distribution businesses and complex retail. This version includes sophisticated order and inventory management systems and supports drop-shipments, complex retail requirements, and point-of-sale payment entry.

aACE Business Suite for Manufacturers Ideal for high-volume “job shops” as well as low-volume manufacturers with longer-term production orders, this version supports made-to-order and made-to-stock operations and multiple level bill of material requirements.

With aACE Business Suite you will be able to:

  • Eliminate double-entry and reduce human error
  • Consolidate data and produce powerful reports
  • Delegate data entry to the appropriate users and improve data quality
  • Automate common business processes and increase efficiency
  • Enforce company policies and prevent problems before they occur
  • Have business management software tailored to your precise business needs

The result: fewer mistakes, higher transaction volume, improved decision making, happier clients and employees, and a healthier bottom-line.

Efficiently manage your entire business in one complete, customizable cross-platform solution. Please contact us for a free consultation. We have a no-hassle sales policy, so you have nothing to lose.

Popular Functionality Modules

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Accounting Foreign Exchange Support The accounting engine processes transactions in the default currency. Purchases and Invoices can be generated in foreign currencies. Rates for…

Finance These modules record actual cash flows. Disbursements Disbursement records are cash outflows. Disbursement records either pay down Purchase liabilities (e.g., “Accounts…

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Project & Order Setup These modules allow users to create templates for Quotes, Projects, Jobs, and groups of Jobs. Templates The Templates module stores templates for Quotes, Projects, Orders,…

Complete Functionality Module List

Reviews of aACE 4.0

from M&R International says…

This was a customized product for us covering order entry to invoicing, the related purchasing through payment and general ledger through financial statements.

The good: We sell paper, which has its quirks. We required all potential vendors to prove their system could handle it before we would make a commitment. Some companies refused, some couldn’t “get it”. Aegis “got it” and proved it immediately. The time to enter orders was reduced dramatically.

The bad: The format of the financial statements is not GAAP as I am used to seeing it along with budget comparisons, so I created what I need in excel and it is easy and quick to take the data from aAce and set it up.

I am also not fond of the excel export function. It requires a lot of sorting afterwards to be usable.