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Automation Associates

A developer of business management software.

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Based in Toronto, Canada, Automation Associates Inc. (AAI) provides Global 2000 and mid-market manufacturers, food processors, transportation / distribution companies, healthcare providers, and 3rd party logistics firms with results-driven warehouse management system applications, consulting, and professional services.

Self-funded, profitable and growing, AAI has been delivering unique warehouse management solutions that make businesses better and more profitable, since 1991.

Their mission is to fully understand each customers warehousing objectives and requirements, to which they will often tailor their core RF Pathways WMS to work with, and adapt to, each customers unique business processes, now and in the future.


  • Fully RF-enabled WMS lets you to create a paperless warehouse environment
  • Affordability - results in substantially higher ROI and faster payback Priced affordably for mid-market users or the enterprise
  • Flexible and adaptive to your business processes, now and in the future
  • Easily integrated with existing back end ERP, MRP and accounting applications
  • Completely configurable to accommodate your existing business processes
  • Rapid implementations, in weeks NOT months or years


  • Reduced warehouse operational costs
  • Reduces costly shipping errors
  • Improved inventory accuracy - Inventory turns increase measurably and reduces overall inventory levels while inventory accuracy of 99.7% and higher is typical
  • Increase warehouse productivity and efficiency - Reduces labour costs by substantially increasing labour productivity - reduced time per task
  • Measurable improvement in inventory location times - Via directed pick, putaway, and stock location
  • Better information for supply chain decisions
  • Optimized warehouse space utilization
  • Real-time inventory / warehouse data flow to your ERP - Data entry is reduced by 90%, while data integrity increases exponentially. Verifies and validates incoming transaction data instantaneously
  • Strategic redundancy - WMS keeps working if the host/ERP goes offline

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