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  • Maintains detailed Vendor information
  • Automatically or manually assign vendor numbers
  • Automatically or manually assign purchase order numbers
  • Supports multiple items per purchase order
  • Supports multiple deliveries per item
  • Track outplant operations on work orders
  • Allows for purchases to inventory, work orders, or general ledger accounts
  • Prints purchase orders and purchase order changes
  • Allows for drop shipments
  • Prints aging or dollars committed on purchase orders
  • Prints purchase part status by part or vendor
  • Has on-line inquiry of purchase order status
  • Shows all open lines for a purchase order and allows receipts against any item
  • Supports purchasing in any unit of measure with conversion factors
  • Allows for short close of line items on purchase orders
  • Reports past-due orders by part number or vendor
  • Supports purchase order receipts with inspection option
  • Warns for early purchase deliveries and over-shipments
  • Supports unplanned receipts
  • Applies purchase receipts to outstanding deliveries
  • Tracks vendor performance
  • Displays vendor quality parameters (dollar volume, on-time, rejects, late deliveries, etc.)
  • Allows history by user defined period. Option to roll/refresh vendor quality with user defined periods
  • Provides for formal inspection of purchased parts
  • Reopens purchase orders when parts are rejected
  • Automatically maintains average and last costs for parts
  • Allows for material burden for purchase order receipts
  • Creates receiver records for purchase order receipts to be processed by accounts payable
  • Can automatically put payable on hold if variances are over specified dollar or percentage threshold
  • Purges closed/completed purchase orders to history file on disk or to tape (provides an audit report of records purged)

Other Applications

The following applications are designed to work hand-in-hand with Purchasing:

"Purchasing" is part of the ProMan ERP line of products, developed by Automated Computer Solutions.