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  • Maintains requirement activity file for MRP
  • Allows for net change or regenerative processing by low level code
  • Uses flexible planning horizon
  • Supports four-order rules
  • Supports phantom (make on assembly) logic
  • Utilizes shop calendar
  • Supports shrinkage by part
  • Supports scrap by product structure
  • Supports bin item planning
  • Supports planned purchase orders
  • Prints requirement analysis report
  • Prints purchasing tickler with action messages
  • Prints manufacturing tickler with action messages
  • Incorporates tickler tolerances for accelerate and slide messages
  • Supports single level pegging
  • Utilizes obsolete part coding and reporting
  • Validates requirements
  • Converts planned orders to work orders

Other Applications

The following applications are designed to work hand-in-hand with Material Requirements Planning:

"Material Requirements Planning" is part of the ProMan ERP line of products, developed by Automated Computer Solutions.