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Inventory Management

  • Display average inventory turns by ABC class code (detail or summary)
  • Issues by exception to work orders (explode-deduct)
  • Supports unplanned issues
  • Projected inventories for planning
  • Available on-line transaction detail
  • Shows transaction history for audit, reconciliation
  • Flexible reporting structure:
    • for a date range (posted or not)
    • for each type of transaction (showing data relevant to that type)
    • values of inventories by general ledger inventory account number
  • Prints extended month end inventory value
  • Display receiver records by vendor, purchase order, part, invoice, packslip and receiver
  • Accepts adjustment to inventory
  • Supports multiple locations with general ledger accounts by location
  • Confirms shipments of finished goods
  • Summarizes part allocations to manufacturing and sales to provide net available
  • Supports work order receipts with backflush option
  • Automatically maintains average and last costs for parts
  • Print purchase variances by date and receipts, part, ledger, or vendor
  • General ledger transactions created for each date and type, drill down detail available from General Ledger back to individual inventory transactions

Cycle Counting

  • ABC calculation and analysis for cycle counting
  • Prints cycle count worksheets
  • History reports in cycle counting

Physical Inventory

  • Supports full inventory of stockroom and work in process
  • Uses tag assignment number and responsibility
  • Reports on:
    • missing tags
    • tags with invalid part numbers
    • parts with balances that were not counted
    • tags that cannot be valued
  • Compares counts with discrepancies and reports variances (Stores and WIP)
  • Rolls counts into new on-hand balances
  • Extends value of inventories
  • Lot/Location support
  • “Freezes” quantities and costs before count (allows normal processing while count data is entered)

Other Applications

The following applications are designed to work hand-in-hand with Inventory Management:

"Inventory Management" is part of the ProMan ERP line of products, developed by Automated Computer Solutions.