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Integrated with the other accounting modules, the General Ledger:

  • Supports unlimited number of fiscal periods
  • All transaction dates are validated against the financial calendar
  • Maintains chart of accounts Supports financial statement maintenance including copy feature
  • Supports individual or consolidated financial statements
  • Allows recurring/reversing journal entries
  • Accepts manual journal entries
  • Shows individual general ledger transactions, selected by name or reference
  • Summarizes general ledger transactions (by date or period posted to), one line of totals per item
  • Allows for audit trails by date, by type, and by account
  • Allows a separate posting of general ledger transactions by journal type
  • Prints detailed trial balances
  • Calculates and prints financial statements
  • Prints user defined groups of standard financial statements (i.e.: a monthly set, quarterly set, yearly set)
  • Prints bucketed cash flow analysis (weeks) based on actual customer receivable payment history (averaged)
  • Calculates variances between actual and budgeted amount for financial reporting
  • Support year-end processing
  • Supports multiple open fiscal periods (allows new month processing before month-end close)
  • Purges closed transactions to history on disk or to tape (provides an audit report of records purged)

Other Applications

The following applications are designed to work hand-in-hand with General Ledger:

"General Ledger" is part of the ProMan ERP line of products, developed by Automated Computer Solutions.