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  • Nova: Transportation Solutions also can tell the difference between freight and accessorial revenues. This means that you can compensate drivers for work they perform, such as loading and unloading, and not pay them for work you perform, such as permit fees or insurance surcharges.
  • The Nova: Transportation Solutions settlement system gets its inputs from the freight bill-A/R file, or from the trip control-dispatch file. Drivers can be paid for work accomplished up to your payroll cut-off date, or the system can be configured to only pay for trips which are completed, including all paperwork and logs.
  • This gives you flexibility in determining the best way to handle your driver relations.
  • All Nova: Transportation Solutions payment data is placed in a driver settlement file. Inquiry and maintenance programs allow you to display what a driver has been paid, what is due for payment, and to manually add, delete, or modify payments. The system has the ability to generate either weekly or monthly deductions for workmans comp., or other insurance programs. Deductions for advances, repairs, permits, or other purposes can be added to the file as needed.
  • All entries in the settlement file can have three statuses, which are controlled by you. They are:
    • Release: this means that the item will be paid (or deducted) from the next payment cycle.
    • Hold: this means that the item will not be paid until released. An item may be held for any reason you require, such as incomplete paperwork, missing logs, or potential claims.
    • Wait: this means that the item is available to be paid, but not until the freight bill is paid. On every pay cycle the program checks the freight bill to see if it has been paid. If it has, the driver gets paid. If not, the item remains in a wait status. This is usually used for paying drivers their share of detention time, or other customer charges which may be disputed. The Nova: Transportation Solutions settlement system prepares a detailed report for your drivers so they understand exactly what they are being paid for, and what is being held and needs action on their part.
  • The settlement system can pass the pay data into the Nova: Transportation Solutions payroll system for company employees, or into the Nova: Transportation Solutions accounts payable system for owner operators and contract drivers. You control this at the driver level, and both methods of payment can be used at the same time. This give you the maximum flexibility in planning your staffing requirements.
  • Because there are so many ways which companies use to pay drivers, AURORA SOFTWARE is prepared to custom program driver settlement programs to meet the special needs of its customers.

Other Applications

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"Driver Settlements" is part of the Nova: Transportation Solutions line of products, developed by Aurora Software.