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When audit software was first created, the remarkable thing was simply being able to convert paper processes to digital format. What stood out was the pure function the software delivered, nevermind how easy or pleasant providers made the experience of using the software.

Big, hard to use, expensive solutions emerged and dominated the market. Somewhere along the line, obtuse was mistaken for good. The software providers were the focus of the technology, not the CPAs who use it.

As tech-savvy CPAs ourselves, we are both the creators of our product, and the everyday users of it. We believe software should work how people work, not the other way around. You shouldn’t need to take a class to learn software that’s meant to help you do your job—the software should be built for how you already work. As a manager or leader, your software shouldn’t be a barrier to your ability to see where work stands, and to offer meaningful guidance. You shouldn’t have to buy a server or sign a contract, or choose between a feature-bloated solution and a whole slew of one-trick tools. It should all just work together, simply and powerfully and in ways that add value to the service you provide your clients.

At least that’s how we see things, and that’s what we built.

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