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Dynamic Gantt Chart.

Easily plan out project tasks, subtasks, and predecessors, allocate resources based on availability, assign necessary time frames, and monitor progress and milestones in real time.

Business Case Builder.

Based on criteria you set, AtTask will build a business case with all the information you need to determine if potential and current projects align with corporate strategy and financial goals.

Resource Grid.

Easily view all of your resources, their individual workloads, specific job roles, and where there’s bandwidth. Using AtTask you can help avoid work overload and know when you have to say no.

Customizable Templates.

Saved templates and automated processes give you the information you need before you start so you can catch nuances and gotchas before they catch you. It’s simple; when you finish a project you may do again, save it as a template. Then you won’t have to start from scratch next time.

Outlook Integration.

Users can submit work requests, receive requests, manage and collaborate without leaving Outlook. Now all requests are in one place and users can update status, log time and mark when done. This makes Outlook users productive, reduces emails and status meetings, and improves visibility.

Other Applications

The following applications are designed to work hand-in-hand with Resources:

"Resources" is part of the Enterprise Work Management line of products, developed by AtTask, Inc..