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Internal and External Requests.

Clients can quickly submit specific types of requests, fill out a customized creative brief, attach documents, and collaborate with your team in one place. Just tell them to “put it in AtTask.”

Centralized Request Management.

View all of your team’s work requests in one place, compare them, and then prioritize them strategically so you can always make sure your team is doing the right work at the right time.


Workflow becomes frictionless as projects, tasks, and issues are routed for approval automatically. Triggers and reminder notifications help keep things moving along, so nothing gets lost. Approval processes can be predefined and applied to templates, so users can focus on the work at hand and not the process.

Help Desk.

Configure AtTask request queues to handle help desk requests from the entire organization. Don’t over-spend on expensive Help Desk and ticketing software when what you really need is a way to enter, process, prioritize, and assign requests from team members.

Other Applications

The following applications are designed to work hand-in-hand with Requests:

"Requests" is part of the Enterprise Work Management line of products, developed by AtTask, Inc..