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A Calendar View That Builds Itself

If you’re a normal human being, you’re probably used to a project calendar that you have to manually maintain, keep on a community whiteboard, or in a giant spreadsheet. It’s disconnected from the work, disorganized, and painful. The AtTask Calendar View builds itself and stays built, connecting your world to the work you do. Fire and forget.

Set and Go

The AtTask Calendar View builds itself and stays built. Just tell the filter builder what projects, what tasks, and what colors, and you’ve got yourself a beautiful visualization of all your work. Built on your work, it shows your work, automatically.

A View for Every Need

Create a calendar for you, for your team, for your execs, for your clients, even for your customers. Views built on your data, always relevant. As easy to build as clicking a few buttons; create all the calendar views you need in seconds.

Share the Latest Without Worrying if It’s the Latest

Because AtTask Calendar Views dynamically represent your data, they are always up to date. To share a calendar, just name who in your organization gets to see it. And to share with external users, copy the URL and send it. Never wonder if your audience is seeing the latest thing again.

Other Applications

The following applications are designed to work hand-in-hand with Calendar:

"Calendar" is part of the Enterprise Work Management line of products, developed by AtTask, Inc..