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A developer of business management software.

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AST@NET is a newly established company in the heart of the Silicon Valley, USA. It’s founder, CEO and president Axel Streichardt’s experience in the computer business and multiple industries reaches more than 12 years back and is the indispensable foundation of AST@NET’s services.

Our main focus is the development, distribution and deployment of 100% web-based, customized applications for small and mid businesses. Our web applications help solving your business problems by building the application around your business, your data and information flow. Our solutions are platform independent, flexible, economical, expandable and secure for a high return on investment and a low total cost of ownership.

AST@NET developed three major applications that are ready to use. Document Management System, Accounting Management System and the Office Management System. All solutions are extremely easy to deploy and to use and can be deployed on Linux, Unix, Mac and Windows. All applications are simply accessible through any browser from anywhere and with AST@NET’s web-based application there is no user limitation. All three applications have cross-industry capability and can be easily adapted into any environment.

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