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The Building Enterprise Edition (BEE) is the ideal “Single Source Solution” for a management company or multi-property, self-managed operation. BEE provides the entire suite of operational, communications and administrative applications fully integrated with an accounting system of choice and a world-class AssociationVoice Web site. BEE provides ALL of the technology tools necessary to effectively and efficiently manage your entire business at the most affordable single price point. All application components will be seamlessly integrated saving you significant time, money and headaches every day.

Application Features

  • Home Page and Dashboard for global property views
  • Suite and resident Directory to view all activities and events
  • Trades and Contact Directory to maintain access and control
  • Purchase Order System with aggregate reporting
  • Document Management System allows shared access
  • Comprehensive Reporting Package for all activities
  • Multiple Calendars for events and activities
  • Built-in Workflows based on industry best practices
  • Accounting Integration Package for efficient data flow

Benefits Include

  • Manage your entire portfolio online…total automation!
  • Standardize processes and data management across your Portfolio
  • Improves the safety, security and business continuity of all client information
  • Improves reporting and operational insight to managed properties
  • Improves service and value as a management company
  • Differentiates your company to help retain clients and acquire new business
  • Provides discount rates for your individual properties in your Portfolio

Other Applications

The following applications are designed to work hand-in-hand with Building Enterprise Edition:

"Building Enterprise Edition" is part of the AssociationVoice Solutions line of products, developed by AssociationVoice.