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Asset Guardian

A developer of business management software.

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Asset Guardian Solutions Limited (AGSL) is dedicated to protecting the integrity of process control systems software that is used to control operations and production processes. To achieve this, it offers the Asset Guardian software solution, a convenient, cost-effective way to reduce risk of unauthorised entry and software corruption that could lead to system failure, loss of confidential data and valuable assets.

AGSL traces its roots to 2000 when systems integrator Elite Control Systems began developing the Asset Guardian solution.

In 2004, AGSL was established as the sole supplier of the Asset Guardian software solution, a reliable method of protecting and securing process software used to control critical processes.

Since then, AGSL has been serving the needs of Blue Chip organisations around the world that operate within the Oil & Gas, Utilities, Power Generation, Chemical, Pharmaceutical, Transportation and Food & Beverage industries.

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