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A software system must be built to withstand the test of time. At Aspen, our products routinely replace systems that simply do not do that — and one of the most common complaints that causes a system to fail the test of time is the lack of an inter-relationship of data across modules. Canopy’s Purchasing module ties together data in several other modules, most notably Inventory Control and Accounts Payable. Once you decide your facility is going to enter Purchase Orders, you unleash the power of a significant number of features.

Suddenly, the ability to enter Promotions that your Vendor gives to you ensures that you actually take that promotion. No longer will a promotion be “forgotten”, because your Purchase Order Entry function will see the promotion on file and automatically use it.

In addition, using the Purchasing module makes Receiving Stock to Inventory a breeze… by receiving the entire P.O., stopping to adjust only those items that need adjustment. The relationship to Accounts Payable ensures that all P.O.’s ultimately tie to an Accounts Payable Invoice, leaving nothing falling through the cracks.

Use Purchase Order Entry to kick off the whole process, and set up Standard Products that you buy from your vendors to make that entry process a breeze by eliminating the need to enter product codes. Have Purchase Advice tell you what you should be buying based on inventory levels and sales history. Use Vendor Promotions to ensure you take advantage of specials. Print a myriad of purchasing reports.

Other Applications

The following applications are designed to work hand-in-hand with Purchasing:

"Purchasing" is part of the Canopy line of products, developed by Aspen Systems.