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Producers like you are faced every day with calculating accurate costs based on a complex mix of ingredients. In addition to updating your finished products with accurate costs, you need to properly affect the various inventories that these formulas represent. We at Aspen Systems, Inc. believe that when choosing a software solution for handling the production aspects of your organization that you should look at a formula based system that allows entry of raw materials, by-products, labor costs, overhead costs, and finished products.

These formulas would then allow you to calculate accurate finished product costs along with adjusting inventories based on your shift’s production. These production entries should also provide you with valuable information comparing standards to actual production activity.

Canopy’s production module solves all these issues for you, and more. And as a side-benefit, the dollar savings in labor to perform all those tasks manually will quickly pay for the production module.

Production’s Formula Maintenance allows for an unlimited recording of Ingredients, Packaging Material, Cost, Finished Products, Labor, Overhead and Yield Codes. Upon the finalization of your Production Entries, inventory on materials is reduced and inventory on finished product is replenished with the simple click of a button. Costs for Finished Product are automatically recalculated (if desired) based on the individual cost parameters you have indicated in your formulas.

Separate from Maintenance, Formula Inquiry provides a vast array of historical data you can look up with a touch of a button, either in a summarized format or very detailed transaction data. Production can be forecasted based on the outstanding orders in your system, and Production Scheduling can help you manage the load on your individual production lines. If Cut Yield is an issue in your plant, Cut Yield Testing is a function in Canopy you’ll like.

Other Applications

The following applications are designed to work hand-in-hand with Production:

"Production" is part of the Canopy line of products, developed by Aspen Systems.