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Whether your business employs a room full of Order-takers, or a single individual initiates the order process for your customers, Canopy’s Order Entry function is the solution for you.

No other process could be more intimidating for a shipper than accurately and swiftly getting your customer’s orders into a system to kick off the many processes an order must go through prior to it reaching the destination.

Aspen Systems is the industry leader in taming this highly volatile “beast“. Without the proper features, controls and reliability behind your ordering process, you might as well let your customers come and grab their own products off your shelves at will. Aspen has spent nearly two decades perfecting the process and its abilities, and you can be assured of Order Entry’s reliability and seamless communication with all other modules.

With a module that has so many ”significant features“, it becomes virtually impossible to choose the high-points. Nevertheless, they would include a comprehensive-yet-easy Order Entry function, complete with secure Credit Checking, easy Code Lookup and Selection, and many versatile features to ensure you encode every bit of important data with your order.

Easily print Picking and Labeling documents either one at a time or in bulk. Use Order Tracking to ensure no customer is forgotten, and set up Recurring Orders for those customers who generally order the same thing periodically. Use Standard Orders to drastically reduce Order Entry time.

Other Applications

The following applications are designed to work hand-in-hand with Order Entry/Filling Orders:

"Order Entry/Filling Orders" is part of the Canopy line of products, developed by Aspen Systems.