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Provided with Canopy’s Order Entry module are the Invoice Processing functions. Whether your facility processes a few invoices per day, or a million line items per month, Invoice Processing will handle whatever situation you present it with… expediently, accurately, and via easy-to-following step-by-step procedures.

You will use Invoice Entry to Fill those orders, enter any Catchweights, Print them, run Shipping Manifests if used, and make any Adjustments prior to posting them through the system.

The necessary processes are presented to your operators in a step-by-step process, with the next process available only after the successful completion of the prior, removing the possibility of skipping an important function.

Invoice Processing provides for a number of methods of Printing your documents, such as Invoices and Shipping Manifests. They can be printed on an invoice-by-invoice basis, at the same time adjustments are being made or lines are being filled; or you might choose to run them in batches, once a day or throughout the day. This can work closely with your Routing structure giving you the ability to process only those Routes that might depart your facility earlier than others.

Confirming adjusted invoices for posting through the system can also be done on an invoice-by-invoice basis, or in a batch mode. Confirming in bulk saves valuable time and only picks up those Invoices that meet the criteria you specify. Obtaining your Sales Journal and posting to the General Ledger is also a breeze.

Other Applications

The following applications are designed to work hand-in-hand with Invoice Processing:

"Invoice Processing" is part of the Canopy line of products, developed by Aspen Systems.