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With any purchase of a complex software system, an obvious question that should be asked is, “How will the system pay for itself?” Canopy’s Inventory Control module is just one of the areas where this starts to happen immediately.

Use a comprehensive Receipts to Stock function to properly record receipts of any item to your inventory, either by receiving on an item-by- item basis, or receiving off an entire Purchase Order. When you use this process, the probability of catching costly mistakes while your shipment is arriving drastically increases. Place Canopy right out on the docks to maximize your receiver’s efficiencies.

Make use of a large number of standard Inventory Reports designed to provide you with precisely the data you’ re looking for… be it Inventory Value or detailed Movement of product. If you use Lot Tracking, you will always know the precise movement of that product… when, where and how.

In addition to being a great Receiving package, Inventory Control provides you with all the expected abilities. From setting up and inquiring on Products, to Transferring inventory between multiple locations. Full cost controls are provided, along with the ability to quickly change any number of costs at will, either at the product level or the lot level. Make regular use of Canopy’s Physical Inventory functions in a simple-to-use, high speed entry environment to maintain the proper inventory levels and to weed out costly discrepancies or missing product.

Other Applications

The following applications are designed to work hand-in-hand with Inventory:

"Inventory" is part of the Canopy line of products, developed by Aspen Systems.