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A full ERP system designed by Aspen Systems for distribution/wholesale trade and manufacturing companies.
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Aspen Systems Canopy Windows based program utilizes the Microsoft Application Development tools and database environments.

  • Runs on a number of Windows based platforms including NT, 2000 and XP.
  • Aspen Systems utilizes all aspects of the SQL server database environment. Users can query their own database in an open systems environment.
  • Runs in Client/Server OR Terminal Services environment, giving options for startup cost control.
  • Users can pick and choose which modules they want to use for applications such as A/P, A/R, GL, Inventory Control, Order Entry & Invoice Processing, Purchasing, Production, Data Capture, E-Commerce, etc.
  • Easy to use menu system, can be completely controlled by and secured by your administrator, to ensure important system and data controls.

Users have the ability to access functions numerically, by pointing and clicking with their mouse, or by using “Jump“ keys and arrow buttons to move around the multi-layered menus. Each module’s menu is surrounded by a number of handy features such as Cut & Paste, Print and Undo. In addition, standard application features are provided and available in each module, such as changing Colors, accessing Error Logs, and getting Help.

Canopy provides literally hundreds of reports standard with the application. In addition to the standard reports, any customized forms that your company requires might also be included. Aspen uses the latest in report writing tools to provide you with the most attractive and user-friendly means of outputting your data into a format which is pleasing to all users. All reports can be printed to the Screen, a Printer, or Exported to a number of different file formats such as Word, Text, Excel or PDF. When run to the screen a wide variety of searching and navigation tools are automatically provided.

Some competitors have released products which they tout ”look like and feel like“ real Windows products. This is known as implementing 3rd party software programs to make the program look like ONE product. Aspen Systems has spent many years and many dollars completely re-writing its legacy system using only the latest in Microsoft Application Development Tools and state of the art proprietary concepts.

Aspen Systems use ONE product under one name…Canopy. Behind our powerful application sits the data environment of SQL Server. Not only does this database server work in specific harmony with our application, but it provides the user with the ability to easily query data that other applications simply will not give. To READ more about the specific Canopy Modules look at the applications below.

Popular Functionality Modules

Production Producers like you are faced every day with calculating accurate costs based on a complex mix of ingredients. In addition to updating your finished products with accurate…

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Scaling System What occurs on your production line if a system suddenly goes down? With the Stand Alone Scaling alternative from Aspen Systems, continued production, transactions, and…

General Ledger Aspen Systems has always held the highest standards with regard to our products when it comes to integrity… and Canopy is no exception. Integrity as it relates to a…

Accounts Payable Our entirely Windows-based solution can be used to effectively manage all aspects of your Accounts Payable and Cash Disbursement activities. Utilize a barrage of typical…

Complete Functionality Module List

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