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Aspen Systems

A developer of business management software.

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Aspen Systems Incorporated develops innovative computer-based solutions for the food industry including processors, packers, distributors, and wholesalers of food products. Unlike other companies who try to offer many system solutions to many industries, Aspen Systems markets system solutions exclusively to the food industry. Aspen has earned an excellent reputation by specializing and working closely with the food industry.

Since the development of our first solution in 1980, Aspen Systems has provided customization services which have added many features and modules to our software to provide a system solution that is easy to learn and use by your current staff. No computer experts are required. In fact, we continually enhance the system by incorporating customized improvements today and into the future. This fact assures that our customers will continue to lead the industry in terms of system features and benefits.

The Canopy suite of applications was first released in 2002, incorporating many years of knowledge and experience working in the Food Industry to develop a Windows based application using the latest development tools. Canopy is a true Windows system with database, development language and operating system all Windows-based.

The design, development, and direction of Canopy has been the work of the same team from its inception. They have been assisted by an informal Executive Board from our customer base. The most often heard comment about Canopy is that it looks like it was designed by a food industry expert. The input from our growing customer base is the most important ingredient to our future success. Aspen Systems has well over 200 installations in all states, Canada, and Puerto Rico and is experiencing rapid growth at all levels. Aspen Systems provides local support on a nationwide basis for all of these locations. Aspen Systems support staff are food industry trained and are accessible 24x7.

Along with data capturing for catch weights using barcoding, modern scanning equipment, and hand held computers, Aspen Systems delivers both the hardware and software solution for the food industry specific client. Just one number to call for support streamlines troubleshooting and ensures system continuity.

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  • Canopy

    A full ERP system designed by Aspen Systems for distribution/wholesale trade and manufacturing companies.

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