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Ascentis HR allows human resources personnel time to interact with the people who work hard to drive your company’s growth instead of repeating the same manual processes over and over. Using a powerful HRIS like Ascentis HR during open enrollment and beyond makes employees responsible for their own personal data, enrollment, as well as answers time consuming and confusing benefits questions. Combined with Ascentis Carrier Connect, Ascentis HR can save an HR department many hours of work during open enrollment and find carrier billing errors. Automating just these two processes alone could save a company thousands of dollars a year just in labor time costs.

Electronic connections to insurance carriers

Carrier Connect automatically transfers benefits enrollment data in an electronic format to carriers securely. Completely eliminate dual data entry for benefits information with the combination of Ascentis self-service, HR, Payroll and Carrier Connect and offers a truly paperless open enrollment environment.


Security and accuracy are critical when handling sensitive data. Ascentis was one of the first HRIS/HRMS vendors to offer this capability.

Get it done more quickly

Enrollment cycles can be reduced by 75%, from four weeks to just one week, through online open enrollment and Carrier Connect.

Other Applications

The following applications are designed to work hand-in-hand with Carrier Connect:

"Carrier Connect" is part of the Ascentis HR line of products, developed by Ascentis Software.

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