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With the job market as it is today, what happens when you post a job opportunity in your local newspaper and other resources? You get bombarded with hundreds of cover letters, resumes and phone calls. How do you move forward in the overwhelming new hire process?

Consolidate your Applicant Information

HROffice’s Applicant Manager streamlines the new hire process and makes it easy to manage contending candidates. Applicant Manager centralizes and stores the applicant information you want to track.

  • Name, address, phone numbers, email addresses, and applicant ID
  • Multiple note types such as interview comments and references
  • Applicant’s resume, cover letter and application
  • Previous employers, skills
  • Position applied for, application date and hiring manager
  • Recruiting events tracking, EEO Information

If you have specialized data tracking requirements, use Applicant Manager’s customization wizard to create custom fields. You decide what information you want to save and Applicant Manager will store it for you!

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"Applicant Manager" is part of the Ascentis HR line of products, developed by Ascentis Software.

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