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Overwhelming workloads

Uncompleted to-do lists, lengthy task bars, overwhelming project reports, missed meeting notices, late appointment reminders, and the list goes on. As an HR professional you are not only inundated with typical deadlines and meetings, you are in a unique position in which your job directly affects your employees’ well-being. HR professionals are assigned an immense amount of responsibility.

  • What if you forget to notify payroll of a change in compensation? Not only will your employee be disappointed, you will have to spend significant time correcting the situation.
  • What if you forget to advise a carrier of a change in dependents and your employee cannot take his or her child to the doctor?
  • What if you forget to terminate an employee and they don’t receive their COBRA information? Unfortunately those legal fines are quite hefty. What is HROffice Alerts?

HROffice Alerts is designed to ensure the right people get the right information at the right time, all the time. Alerts proactively monitors your HR information and helps you remain one step ahead of your employees’ needs. For example, when an employee changes their personal data, Alerts will automatically send out an email to the employee’s supervisor, the appropriate HR managers, payroll, benefit vendors, and anyone else that should be advised of the change.

Alerts monitors new hires, payroll changes, benefits eligibility, review due dates, changes in employee status, birthdays, I-9’s, W-4’s, COBRA or FMLA activities, and more. With HROffice Alerts, companies can reduce cycle times, improve internal communications, and provide employees with personalized attention.

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"Alerts" is part of the Ascentis HR line of products, developed by Ascentis Software.

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