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Ascent Innovations

A developer of business management software.

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People with a passion for innovative solution development and client service.

We are an exceptional combination of people, processes and solutions, enabling innovative solution development and insightful business technology consulting. The typical customer benefits are a reliable partner who understands business processes and technology solutions, increased returns from your enterprise system investments.

  • People you can trust with a passion for technology and providing a solution.
  • Technology capability in the key technologies driving our target markets
  • Proven processes: Advanced processes and tools to support our teams in achieving the results meeting the customer needs and budget. The solution methodology produces lower risk and faster implementation.
  • Our expertise across manufacturing, distribution, industrial equipment, medical technology and pharmaceuticals, energy, retail enables insights and solution approaches.

We will listen to the people in your operations that have concerns and the task or desire for improving their efficiency. We build a value relationship with our clients to help them.

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