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AS/AP™ is composed of two independent inventory control systems. Finished Goods Inventory handles the products sold to your customer, while Raw Material Inventory, the component inventory, is related to the Finished Goods Inventory by the Bill-of-Materials.

Several user-defined Excel© spreadsheets can be interfaced with the AS/AP™ Inventory Master file in the form of spec sheets, cost sheets, and style setup sheets.


  • The Apparel/Sewn Products matrix of Style, Size, Dimension, and Color is reflected in every module of Apparel Sales Order Processing and Finished Goods Inventory Control.
  • This system is a powerful and thorough implementation of the Style/Size/Dimension/Color matrix common to all sewn products industries.
  • Sizes are referred to as ‘size buckets’ or just ‘buckets,’ whether they are the quantity order, WIP or shipped.

Finished Goods Inventory

  • Included in the Inventory Control system is a 12-character alphanumeric Style number, 3-character Color code, 3-character Dimensional code, and 3-character Warehouse. Additional fields of note include: Product Class, Price Code, Season (user-defined field), Stockroom [rack] Location, Standard Pack Notation, Stock Room Locations, and Suppliers Style Number.
  • The System provides the ability to enter incoming stock from a Cutting Order (manufactured) or a Purchase Order (imported or purchased), and provides an instant query of quantity on-hand by Color and Size, Dimension, location, price, and cost.
  • Colors are entered using a 3-letter code which can be expanded up to 12-15 character description reports. Colors can be canceled and the orders applied against another color automatically. An individual style can be entered with a virtually unlimited number of colors.
  • Inventory can be based on last cost, standard cost, or weighted average cost. Selling prices are permitted at 6 price levels with 6 corresponding commission levels.

Raw Material Inventory

  • Raw Materials Inventory Control is a parallel inventory system intended for manufacturers. The Raw Materials Inventory System tracks everything not covered in the Finished Goods Inventory. The Raw Material is integrated to the Finished Goods and Cutting Order modules through the Trim Sheet (Bill-of-Materials) and to Sales Order Processing through the Material Requirements reports.

Spec Sheets

  • AS/AP™ Finished Goods Inventory Style file includes an assortment of Specification and Instruction Sheets. These are FoxPro memo fields that can contain any free-form data the company may select. AS/AP™ then provides the ability to edit and print the sheets as necessary.

Other Applications

The following applications are designed to work hand-in-hand with Inventory:

"Inventory" is part of the Apparel Accounting Software - AS/AP Apparel System line of products, developed by ASAP of Georgia.