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A developer of business management software.

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Artsystems’ objective is to provide and support the most efficient, comprehensive, and powerful software tools for fine art and antiques management. Through its software and services, Artsystems strives to dramatically improve its customers’ productivity and help them analyze and utilize their information to best achieve their goals. Founded in 1989, Artsystems originally created custom data management software solutions for art institutions and was instrumental in cataloguing the estate of Andy Warhol.

In 1995 Artsystems released Gallery, a standard Windows version of Artsystems gallery management software and Collections, Artsystems’ first software for collections management.

In 1997 Artsystems added its 200th customer and released Gallery Pro, an advanced art and antiques management software package for businesses and important collections. That year Artsystems became the world’s leading supplier of art and antiques business and collection management software and the top choice of the industry leaders.

In 1998 Artsystems added its 10th staff member, and moved to its current Madison Square New York office.

In June 1999 Artsystems released Version 2.0 of its business management software and was named by Deloitte and Touche as one of the NY Technology ‘Fast 50’ fastest growing companies. That year and ever since, more art and antiques businesses and private and corporate collections have chosen Artsystems software than all others combined.

In 2002 Artsystems released major upgrades for GalleryPro and Collections, and released its Studio software for the management of artist studios, estates, and catalogues raisonnés.

In 2003 Artsystems launched the first version of its Web Manager software with integrated custom Web sites, allowing Artsystems software users to self-administer their Web sites, quickly updating and renewing site content using data and images already entered in their GalleryPro or Studio systems, and eliminating the need for a separate Web site administrator or duplicate data entry.

In 2005 Artsystems launched Web Manager v2, added its 12th staff member, and its 1,500th active customer — securing its place as the ‘industry standard’ art and antiques management software.

Artsystems Ltd. is a New York State Corporation held privately by its partners.

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