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The ABECAS™ Communications module, ABComm™, is a standalone communications management system that handles the sending and receiving of documents generated.

The basic system automatically handles the faxing and e-mailing of invoices, forms and reports from the ABECAS™. This allows you to send a fax or e-mail directly to a recipient from an ABECAS™ module without the necessity of printing first.

The advanced version of ABComm also supports the transmission of inbound and outbound EDI transactions. For outbound EDI files, the transactions are logged and scheduled based upon the requirements of your trading partners. For inbound EDI files, ABComm automatically dials and retrieves files based on a preset schedule and returns a 997 acknowledgement record, if required.

The ABComm module runs on a workstation or server in the background and operates without user interaction. It runs in association with an MSDE Database Server. This is required to store the information managed by ABComm. Database Server provides the database in which the fax, e-mail and EDI file records are maintained before and after they have been sent to the recipient.

The Communication Server portion of ABComm processes the fax, e-mail or EDI file, and activates the appropriate operation depending upon the type of file.

The “WatchDog” portion of ABComm provides the methods for notifying ABComm server about files to be sent. The WatchDog server only applies to the ABECAS™ version 5.1. ABECAS Insight™ will insert the outgoing documents directly into the database.

Other Applications

The following applications are designed to work hand-in-hand with ABComm™:

"ABComm™" is part of the ABECAS Insight line of products, developed by Argos Software.