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ASI Financials

A full ERP system designed by Argentto Systems.
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ASI Financials

ASI Financial Systems are a suite of comprehensive accounting, business automation solutions designed or today’s information intensive work environment. ASI sets the standard by combining cutting edge technology with ease of use. Flexible yet powerful design with optional specific customization makes Unlimited Access to Business Information a reality for businesses worldwide.

ASI is the industry’s best value because it provides unparalleled return on your software investment. ASI increases capacity and opportunity for unlimited growth.

ASI utilizes familiar Microsoft Office “look and feel”; all applications are built with proven Microsoft tools. Familiar icons, wizards, tree menus, and search features make ASI’s applications intuitive. Integration with Microsoft technologies goes beyond just the interface. Deeply imbedded are Microsoft technologies like .Net, VB, XML, Sequel Server, as well as bullet proof active x components.

These proven technologies are the foundation of our software. Accordingly, ASI software users inherently receive the advantages of these technologies to ASI systems, as well as benefit from evolution advancements made by Microsoft to the underlying technology. Also, with a Microsoft-based solution as our technology platform, clients gain access to the vast community of Microsoft Certified Professionals who know the foundation of our software. By deploying any ASI system, you are no longer restricted by the limited technologies of proprietary systems. Equally important, with ASI, you are no longer bound to technologies sold by other software vendors that may become extinct with time.

Popular Functionality Modules

Web Application ASI Web Application Benefits include: Improved sales and lower sales overhead Lower customer support overhead Improved metrics and customer profiling Enhanced communication…

Staffing Enterprise System Key Features: Invoice History Tab Notes with Date Stamp for Job Events Expense History, indicating if Billed and Paid. Multiple Recruiter / Salesman Commissions Calculations.…

Performance Metrics ASI Performance Metrics is targeted towards legal reviews. This application is designed to record, measure and report within the document review process. Adaptable to any…

Case Management Seamlessly Integrate all your Firm’s Functions: Full Case Management, Images, Video, Document Management, Form Merging, Check Writing, Bank Account Management, General…

Multi-Company GL Consolidation Multi-Company GL Consolidation - Enables complex organizations to manage and consolidate multiple companies without having to change data source. Cross Company transactions…

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