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The Accounts Receivable System can be integrated with Arctic Data’s other accounting modules.


Customer Master File: Before using the accounts receivable system all customer records must be entered. The number of customers that can be added to the system is limited only by available disk space. A customer record consists of contact information such as customer name, address, and phone numbers, as well as credit information such as the customer’s credit limit, whether or not the customer should receive a statement, and whether service charges can be applied to their account.

The customer record also has fields to record the salesperson responsible for the account, the taxable status of the account, and additional comments. If the accounts receivable system is used along with Arctic Data’s Inventory Management System , a specific pricing structure can be set up for individual customers based on price level and inventory grouping.

Users can access and search for customers by the customer name or account number. The system accommodates partial name or account number searches.

Product Codes: Product codes are used for purposes of sales analysis. They assist you in tracking your sales, and provide you with a valuable means of forecasting your business’ growth. The system enables you to define your own codes, and add as many as necessary. You may choose to assign a new product code to each type of product or service that you sell, or you may assign a number of products to one product code, thereby creating a product category. Each product code requires a G/L account number for posting* (*NOTE: if the accounts receivable system is used in conjunction with the G/L module, this posting can be effected quickly and easily), as well as a description of the product or product category that the code represents.

The system displays the sales for the specific code for the current month, current year, and prior year as well as the sales for each of the last 12 months. Prior period figures are for comparative purposes.

Transaction Input: Transaction entries can be accessed through the accounts receivable system, or Arctic Data’s inventory management system. Within the accounts receivable system, users can enter sales invoices (debits), enter payments received against outstanding invoices (credits), and enter adjustments to transactions.

Receiving Payments: Once sales have been made and entered into the system, payments can be received and credits applied to the customer accounts. Partial payments are allowed if the payment does not equal the invoice total. Service charges can be applied at the time of payment.

Account Aging: When customers are added to the system terms must be assigned to their account. When initializing the software you are permitted to enter up to 7 choices for the following term conditions: the number of days after the invoice date that the invoice will be due; the discount percentage offered to customers for early payment; and the number of days allowed in the discount period.

In addition to user-defined account aging, due dates can also be changed per invoice. When the aged trial balance report is printed it displays the standard current, 30, 60, 90, and 120+ day balances, but takes into account the terms of each customer and displays balances accordingly.

Updating the General Ledger: Every transaction will make an entry to the G/L posting file. The system allows for user-defined posting to the G/L. For example, you can post on a daily, weekly, or date range basis.

Historical Information: Historical information about all of your transactions is retained in a detailed G/L posting file. This file, unlike the summarized and complete versions of the G/L posting file, is retained for the period of one fiscal year. Every transaction that occurs is recorded, and the system enables you to search for information about specific debits, credits, adjustments and so forth by limiting the file on any number of different variables.

Other Applications

The following applications are designed to work hand-in-hand with Accounts Receivable System:

"Accounts Receivable System" is part of the Blue Diamond Accounting System line of products, developed by Arctic Data.