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Arbutus Software Inc.

A developer of business management software.

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Developed by Grant Brodie, Arbutus can be used for a variety of audit and business intelligence (BI) applications. Audit software applications include audit analytics, continuous monitoring, fraud detection, and workgroup collaboration. BI applications include connecting desktops to mainframes for accessing legacy data, data migration and querying, and data analysis. From ad-hoc testing to automating data analysis for continuous analytics, Arbutus provides auditors, financial managers, and IT professionals with the capabilities they need to perform enterprise-wide testing of organizational data.

The data universe is wide and varied. Arbutus offers proven data analysis solutions for auditors, financial professionals, IT, and management. With outstanding customer service, strong product support, and flexible licensing, Arbutus Software is not only the most technically advanced computer data conversion, migration, and analysis solution available, but the best value you will find anywhere in the industry.

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