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The Allocations module includes the After the Fact Cost Allocations Spreadsheet and Point Of Entry Allocations. The After The Fact Allocations provides management with the ability to monitor direct and indirect costs of all programs.

  • Compare detailed budgets before the allocation of costs.
  • Allocate both Detailed Budgets and Actual Expenditures and compare results.
  • Allocations are not posted to the General Ledger providing What If capability.

The Allocation Methods used include the direct cost method, total revenue, fixed percentage, square footage, numeric values, total salaries, total purchase of services, and other accepted methods.

The Point Of Entry Allocations system provides you with the ability to allocate vendor invoices, cash disbursements, revenue bills and cash receipts at the point of entry (Transaction Entry) using pre-set percentages and account numbers.

You can pre-define allocation codes to distribute expenses and revenue to an unlimited number of General Ledger accounts. The system will maintain an unlimited number of Allocations.

Other Applications

The following applications are designed to work hand-in-hand with FastFund Cost Allocations:

"FastFund Cost Allocations" is part of the FastFund Nonprofit Software line of products, developed by Araize.