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Made2Manage ERP

A solution for discrete manufacturers with dynamic, to‑order environments.
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Made2Manage ERP has a 20-year history of helping companies achieve and sustain productive operations, satisfied customers, and profitable results through technology and services.

Made2Manage ERP software and services are matched closely with specific customer needs, incorporating deep industry knowledge and experience. Plus, they are continually enhanced to meet evolving customer requests and suggestions. Notable for ease-of-use, fast navigation, tailored views and tight security, Made2Manage ERP applications deliver the functionality without the fuss, solid applications that make user’s jobs easier, not more cumbersome.

Made2Manage provides full ERP capabilities for custom manufacturers centered on a “casual” bill-of-material for making complex products, while continuing with design and engineering activity. Active product support and enhancement deliver the capabilities and technologies that customers want and need in their specific industries, including ERP, BI, CRM, APS, MES and configuration from one supplier.

Made2Manage ERP software products are designed to bring the entire company together by offering broad application coverage that allows all departments to use the system effectively, including management, sales, engineering, purchasing, operations, manufacturing, quality, customer service, finance, accounting, and human resources.

Product Development

Aptean focuses 100% of the Made2Manage product development efforts on the needs of our customers. We listen closely to customer input and offer multiple forums for providing input on product development including:

  • Best practices for product definition
  • Access to our Expert support site to directly request changes and/or enhancements
  • Beta testing opportunities
  • Participation in user group meetings with Made2Manage product experts

Aptean invests R&D on product enhancements to address the needs of our engineering and enterprise resource planning customers. Made2Manage software is designed solely for the unique requirements of the manufacturing industry.

Made2Manage software products are released after stringent quality metrics have been achieved. At Aptean, delivering a quality product with robust functionality that meets our customers’ needs takes priority over meeting an arbitrary target release date.

Since product development decisions are not governed by the needs of the sales team, we are not under the same pressures as other software vendors that may rush applications to market and sacrifice quality in the process. We take the time to fully scope out customer requirements, build deep functionality, and thoroughly beta test our products, to ensure Made2Manage customers receive reliable software.

Ideal for Discrete Manufacturers

Made2Manage, an Aptean ERP solution, is the leading ERP software system for discrete manufacturers with engineer-to-order, make-to-order, make-to-stock, assemble-to-order, and mixed-mode discrete manufacturing operations. Made2Manage ERP enables our customers to achieve continuous business process improvements while optimizing operational efficiencies, managing business growth, increasing customer satisfaction, and improving financial performance.

The Made2Manage ERP software system is an easy-to-use, high-quality solution that enables small and midsize manufacturers to manage all of their business operations, from quote to cash. The fully integrated Made2Manage ERP software system, built on the Microsoft technology platform, enables manufacturers in such industries as industrial machinery, fabricated metal, electronics, medical devices, transportation, and general manufacturing to gain a competitive advantage while increasing overall profitability.

Functionality Modules

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