Is Intuitive ERP for regulated industries right for your business?

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Relationship Management

The Relationship Management module provides the tools necessary to manage important business information about not only your prospects and customers, but also vendors, business partners, and other third parties your company deals with. Contact and account information, schedules, a complete history of interactions and transactions, current orders and financial status, and other data are immediately available to assist your sales and support teams in effectively maintaining valuable business relationships.

  • Store an unlimited number of customers, prospects and companies, and unlimited contacts within each company.
  • Record all interactions associated with a customer or prospect, including conversations, meetings, letters, faxes, e-mail messages, file attachments, and more.
  • Access a complete history of a customer or prospect account, including quotes, orders, collections status, warranty status, and more.
  • Schedule future interactions into your existing Microsoft Outlook calendar.
  • Work in a team environment with multiple members on an account.
  • Create document distributions based on Mail Merge features of Microsoft Office.
  • Attach documents and emails to contacts or companies.
  • Automatically create Microsoft Outlook To-Do lists.
  • Assign activities to other team members and notify them by email.
  • Output any data to Excel with one click.
  • Record an unlimited number of notes per contact.

Opportunity Management

The Opportunity Management module maximizes the efficiency of your sales force by helping to manage and identify the best strategy for moving to close the deal. By providing a tool to effectively manage every component of an opportunity, Opportunity Management helps your sales professionals capitalize on sales potential with prospects and increase business from existing customers.

  • Manage sales opportunities by creating and linking opportunity records to specific accounts.
  • Track opportunities, including percent chance of close, opportunity value, and all associated data.
  • Add user-defined fields to each opportunity record.
  • Schedule interactions, such as follow-up phone calls and onsite meetings, into your existing Microsoft Outlook calendar.
  • Maintain a complete history of activities with specific notes about each opportunity.
  • Create and link appointments, tasks, notes, documents, e-mails and activities to specific sales opportunities.
  • Report on sales funnel and opportunity progress.

Marketing Management

The Intuitive CRM marketing management features provides a single location to create and track the details and results of your company’s targeted marketing campaigns. You can create targeted mailing lists of potential and/or current customers with the Search Manager and select the search to be associated with the marketing campaign. Deploy a campaign by automatically creating a mass-email or mass mail-merge document to all campaign participants. You can easily keep track of participants pre- and post-launch.

After launching a campaign, Intuitive CRM allows you to manage responses and associate opportunities to campaigns. A Marketing Response wizard is incorporated directly into the pane system, allowing users to quickly enter response information. You can compare actual responses with forecasted response rates to determine campaign ROI.

Intuitive CRM also complies with Do Not Solicit regulations, ensuring that companies / individuals who request to be removed from future campaigns are automatically excluded from future campaigns.

Intuitive Service

The Intuitive Service module helps you provide superior customer support. Through increased repeat business with your customer base and great referrals from your customers, the Intuitive Service option provides dramatic and measurable return on your investment. These support tools allow you to manage, record and resolve customer support incidents, quickly identify and address urgent customer issues, and analyze the effectiveness of your entire support department.

With Intuitive Service, your service and support departments can access and update detailed customer information, manage customer support incidents, track information to resolve defects, quickly process material returns and find answers to recurring issues fast.