Is Intuitive ERP for regulated industries right for your business?

Intuitive ERP for regulated industries is a great fit for many businesses. Find out if it's the right choice for you! Are you looking for a Intuitive ERP for regulated industries demo, technical support, product or pricing information or to simply to compare Intuitive ERP for regulated industries with competitive options? Quickly get answers and the information you need.

Decision Management Tool

Intuitive’s unique Decision Management Tool (DMT) provides management the visibility of those key elements that provide vital information on the health of your company. With DMT, you can:

  • Monitor business performance
  • Identify trends
  • Work with data in comfortable and flexible setting of Microsoft Excel
  • Generate HTML files with DMT data

DMT tracks and analyzes over 50 key performance indicators (KPIs) using data from Intuitive ERP. These indicators (which include Return on Assets, Return on Net Worth, Inventory Turns, Days Sales in A/R, Current Ratios, Quick Ratios, and many more), are calculated automatically for you and displayed instantly.

You can compare periods, quarters, or years, and can therefore track the changes in your company’s health throughout time.

The Decision Management Tool indicators may be displayed in spreadsheet format or graphically, depending on your preferences, and may be e-mailed, faxed, etc. from within the spreadsheet.

This outstanding feature is comparable to packages that sell for tens of thousands of dollars by themselves, and is included in the base price of the system - no extra charge required.

Executive Management Systems

The Executive Information System (EIS) is a visual reporting system that provides management with real-time updates on critical elements of company-wide data in a graphical, easy-to-read format.

A powerful Business Intelligence tool, EIS gives you quick access to key business measures, allowing you to monitor your operations and increase the speed and accuracy of the decision making process. With the Intuitive ERP EIS, you can:

  • Quickly generate up-to-the minute graphs
  • Access high-level manufacturing and financial data in graphical format
  • Back up graphs with facts and figures through 1-click access to source data
  • Report on data over different time periods

A one-page EIS summary provides a high-level view with drill-down capability for each selected indicator.

With user-friendly point-and-click simplicity, you can graphically display critical information on sales, purchasing, inventory, production, and financial activity.

Real-time information allows you to examine and graphically report on current bookings levels, vendor performance, inventory valuation, past due work orders, accounts receivable and accounts payable, and much more.

OLAP Analytics

The OLAP Analytics module provides the sophisticated functionality needed to analyze and report on large amounts of transactional data using advanced On Line Analytical Processing (OLAP) and data warehousing technology.

OLAP Analytics enables you to gain critical insights into financial activity, sales analysis, and production and inventory management. Through the use of OLAP and data warehouse technology, The Intuitive OLAP Analytics module delivers key analytical information throughout your organization and gives you the power and knowledge to reduce inventory, increase customer satisfaction and reduce costs.

  • Analyze large amounts of business data
  • Easily create your own reports and analysis using familiar Microsoft Excel user interface
  • Select, sort and analyze data in an unlimited number of ways
  • Uncover hidden trends

While OLAP technology is available to all Microsoft SQL users, the difference with Intuitive’s OLAP Analytics option is that the OLAP cubes have been pre-filled with all the data required for you to simply run reports. Other systems offer OLAP technology, but Intuitive offers pre-filled cubes that will save weeks or months of development time. Intuitive’s OLAP Analytics option is ready to start analyzing data right out of the box, with no modifications or development required.

OLAP Analytics presents business intelligence information in a way that was not possible before, and does so with unprecedented speed and flexibility. Now, instead of waiting a week or more for someone to format a report and/or analyze the data, you can access it directly from your desktop as quickly as you can drag and drop the attributes of interest to you. OLAP Analytics allows you to select, sort and analyze data in any way you want, virtually as quick as you can think of it. It gives you the ability to rapidly drill down into your data to see trends and conditions that would otherwise be invisible using slower data retrieval technology.

Ad Hoc Report Wizard

The Intuitive ERP Ad Hoc Report Wizard puts the power of your data directly into the hands of the end users by providing the freedom to quickly and easily create simple or sophisticated custom reports based on Intuitive ERP data without needing to know any data structures or having to make modifications to the system.

No database, query building, field name or programming knowledge is necessary to take full advantage of the features of the Ad Hoc Report Wizard. All that the user needs to know is which fields they want on the report and in which order they want them in—the Wizard takes care of the rest. Adding simple or complex calculations is easily accomplished and you can also format your reports exactly the way you want with data filters and sorting and grouping options.

It is extremely easy to move fields to where you want them, add data filters, change sorting and grouping, etc. which means you can format your reports in exactly the way you want to see them. The user can also add simple or complex calculations to reports without needing to understand programmatically how to make this happen.

All reports created by the Ad Hoc Report Wizard include:

  • Excel type data display
  • One-click Export to Excel for easy graphing and distribution
  • Dynamic borders and floating data for easy reading
  • Ability to dynamically change filters on the fly