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Intuitive ERP for regulated industries

A web‑based ERP system designed by Aptean for large enterprises.
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Since 1994, Intuitive has been dedicated to providing discrete manufacturers with software solutions that truly add value to their business. Intuitive’s enterprise solution is designed to deliver superior functionality, rapid implementation, high levels of usability and a technology standard that is unmatched in the industry.

Intuitive ERP, an Aptean ERP solution, was built around the concept that the software should support standard business cycles and that the underlying technology should be flexible and affordable. Developed using solely Microsoft technologies, the software incorporated well-established manufacturing and accounting practices (such as those prescribed by APICS and GAAP) and an intuitive user interface to deliver very sophisticated solutions, as well as economic value to mid-market manufacturers.

Aptean has over 800 Intuitive customers in over 20 countries, in industries ranging from aerospace to bicycle parts and circuit boards to boat docks. Though virtually all manufacturing segments are represented in our customer base, the top three industries served are electronics, industrial machinery and equipment, and fabricated metal products. Intuitive ERP is designed for discrete, make to stock, make to order, configure to order, assemble to order, and mixed-mode manufacturers.

Product Development

Aptean focuses 100 percent of the Intuitive product development efforts on the needs of our customers. We listen closely to customer input and offer many forums for providing input on product development including:

  • Best practices for product definition
  • Access to our Expert support site to directly request changes and/or enhancements
  • Beta testing opportunities
  • Participation in user group meetings with Intuitive product experts

R&D funds are directed to serving the needs of our customers. In other words, Aptean invests R&D on product enhancements that our engineering and enterprise resource planning customers care about. Intuitive software is designed solely for the unique requirements of the manufacturing industry.

Intuitive software products are only released after stringent quality metrics have been achieved. At Aptean, delivering a quality product with the robust functionality to meet our customers needs takes priority over meeting an arbitrary target release date. Since product development decisions are not governed by the needs of the sales team, we are not under the same pressures as other software vendors that may rush applications to market and sacrifice quality in the process. Because we take the time to fully scope out customer requirements, build deep functionality, and thoroughly beta test our products, Intuitive customers receive more reliable software.

A technology standard unmatched in the industry:

Intuitive ERP was built, from the ground up, with 100% Microsoft technology. The current release of Intuitive ERP has a pure .NET managed code framework and over 90% of the standard product features have been rewritten in pure .NET.

Intuitive ERP addresses the following business needs:

  • Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP): Complete integration of planning, materials management and procurement, manufacturing and financial business processes reduces costs and improves productivity, quality and control within your operation.
  • Customer Relationship Management (CRM): Automation and integration of sales, marketing, support and e-commerce helps you win sales and improve customer satisfaction, increasing customer responsiveness and loyalty.
  • Business Intelligence: Unparalleled business intelligence (BI) tools provide complete visibility into your system’s critical business data, allowing you to make faster, more informed and progressive company decisions.
  • E-Commerce: Web applications and adoption of Microsoft’s .NET technology enables you to access information, sell product, run business processes and connect with customers and partners anytime, any where via the internet.
  • Extended Enterprise: Intuitive ERP is designed to support businesses that operate at a single location or with multiple plants across town or across the world.

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