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4-Gov Budget Preparation lets you create and analyze budgets for the upcoming year while using prior years of information and current fiscal year data. Future year forecasts for multi-year budgets are developed with “layer formulas” for multiple increasing/decreasing factors. Budgets developed and adopted are used for appropriation control, expenditure and revenue monitoring throughout the year.

Statistics and performance measures are also entered in the budget system, with the actual figures tracked in 4-Gov Financial and Management Applications. The Budget Preparation applications allows officials to easily perform “What if…” types of analyses to determine the effect of requested employee raises as well as evaluate the true result of budget cuts. It will support changes to the initial budget, as well as keep an audit trail of changes through the adoption of the final budget.


  • Online Budgeting for Expenditures, Revenue, Capital Improvements, and Statistical Data
  • Look-up and Transfer Historical Data from General Ledger
  • Flexible Reporting
  • Budget By Individual or By Position
  • Instantly Review Budget Changes
  • Expenditure Spending Definitions


Analyze Data

4-Gov Budget Preparation analyzes the impact of alternative costs at various levels. Fifteen years of history and/or forecasting information can be reviewed.

Monitor Purchases From Start to Finish

Create a smarter, faster, and better purchasing work flow by empowering departments to enter their own purchase requisitions and monitor all steps in the approval process. The Accounts Payable and Purchasing module controls and accounts for all financial obligations, from the moment a purchase order is submitted until the vendor payment is completed.

Prepare Budgets

Take the guesswork out of budget planning with a “What if…” analysis to determine the outcome of a financial decision before it’s made. The Budget Preparation module supports changes to the initial budget and automatically creates an audit trail of changes through the adoption of the final budget.

Save Time

4-Gov Budget Preparation interfaces with the Financial Accounting and Management Accounting modules to transfer adopted budget information based on spending and revenue collection plans.

Improve Accuracy

4-Gov Budget Preparation uses real-time historical information to build budgets.