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This product has been acquired by Harris Computer Systems and rebranded to AptaFund.

AptaFund Payroll brings ease and flexibility to the business of managing and processing your payroll. The system supports all teacher pay plans, state-specific retirement deductions, direct deposit and electronic payroll reporting. With features like online pay distribution and adjustment, Preview Net Pay, and real time interface with the General Ledger, AptaFund provides the versatility required by payroll professionals and school business office managers.

Payroll Configuration: Payroll Configuration allows you to define the values used in the Payroll module, restrict element values that can be used for deduction expenditures and liabilities, define payroll cycles and their payroll periods, and define employee leave types.

Deduction Management & Assignment: Use the Deduction Management & Assignment modules to create deduction and benefit definitions and assign individual deduction sets to each employee. AptaFund stores current and historical deduction sets for each employee.

For employee inquiries and changes, use Preview Net Pay to automatically calculate the effects of different deduction sets on employee pay.

Payroll Information & Management: The Payroll Information & Management modules are where pay cycles, employee leave, deduction, and benefit information is specified for employee records. For processing, run payroll calculations, print reports, and update payroll until it is ready to be processed.

Direct deposit is available, along with district-customized paychecks and pay stub details. Print W-2’s directly out of AptaFund and file the data electronically.

Payroll Liabilities: The payroll liabilities created during payroll processing in the Payroll Management screen are tracked and paid using the Payroll Voucher Management screen. Payroll liabilities can be paid by printing liabilities checks for a vendor or by paying the liabilities electronically.

Other Applications

The following applications are designed to work hand-in-hand with Payroll:

"Payroll" is part of the AptaFund line of products, developed by Apta Software.