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Apprise® Customer Portal ensures you’re ready for business whenever your customers are. Our optional e-commerce application can help maximize operational efficiency while improving your online B2B or B2C presence. With Apprise, customers can easily enter orders online based on customer-specific pricing and discounting terms. Our credit card transaction interface allows you to capture and integrate sales and revenues in real time throughout your operation. Online inventory information gives your customers real-time insight into product availability and allocation. Plus, Apprise Customer Portal gives your trading partners the ability to access on-demand information on order status, delivery options, invoices, freight charges, account balances and more, 24/7.

With Apprise® Supplier Portal your suppliers, agents or other third parties can enter, edit and update shipment and container information on all your orders in real time, saving you time and valuable resources. Integration with the Apprise® Supplier Production Monitoring module helps facilitate ongoing communication between you and all your suppliers, agents and third parties in response to user-defined workflows based on your business rules. Data entered into our Supplier Portal is fully integrated across your entire organization so promise dates are automatically available to authorized users such as procurement officers, customer service teams and more. Full integration with the Apprise® Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) module helps facilitate critical business communication such as enabling suppliers to submit bids and documentation associated with PLM-defined workflows. Improve the quality of your data through real-time collaboration with suppliers. With Apprise Supplier Portal you can streamline DRP and other procurement activities, minimize resource time and lighten the workload on your team.

Other Applications

The following applications are designed to work hand-in-hand with Customer & Supplier Portals:

"Customer & Supplier Portals" is part of the Apprise line of products, developed by Apprise Software.