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Application Computer Systems

A developer of business management software designed for the service industry.

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Founded in 1978, Application Computer Systems, Inc. (ACS) developed our MASTER™ Software to meet the diverse needs of the Service Repair Industry. Addressing both in-house and field service repairs as well as equipment storage and equipment rental MASTER™ has grown to meet the changing needs of this marketplace.

Our commitment to the commercial and services industry continues three decades later as we continue to enhance the MASTER™ Software adding features like integrated CRM to empower the sales force, and a flexible Point of Sale (POS) Solution to handle the sale of new or used equipment and parts.

Application Computer Systems, Inc. supports our 4,000 plus end users across the United States, Canada, Mexico, and South Africa using telephone, e-mail and on-line live chat capabilities.

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  • MASTER Software

    A full ERP system designed by Application Computer Systems.

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