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The Application-360 Grant/Encumbrance module allows you to record future expenditure obligations and provide managers with accurate reports of spending commitments to significantly reduce the likelihood of overspending.

The Grant/Encumbrance module setup allows you to optionally record approved requisitions and/or purchase orders in the General Ledger. Commitment and encumbrance balances by account can be viewed online with actual account activity. Application-360 automatically generates the entries to move commitment balances through encumbrance balances and then finally to actual expenditures when a supplier invoice is received.

Account commitment and encumbrance balances can be optionally included at run-time in all financial reports to provide decision makers with accurate projections of true discretionary account balances.

Other Applications

The following applications are designed to work hand-in-hand with Fund Accounting:

"Fund Accounting" is part of the Application 360 line of products, developed by Application 360.