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Features Include

Place Quote and Sales Order

Your customers can place a request for a quotation or sales order over the Internet. The Place Quote/Order function provides a list from which they can select inventory items for requesting quotes or for placing orders. Detailed information about the inventory item is also available such as: on-hand and available quantities, price, item description, remarks and item image. They can also limit the list provided by selecting only the product type of their choice or by entering criteria in the Filter area.

News Bulletin Board

The News Bulletin Board function provides a means to disseminate information to your customers. You can post ongoing sales promotions, new product launches, articles or any important reminders that you want your customers to see every time they log in to the WebCustomer system.

View Sales Quotes and Sales Orders

The system displays customer-specific information; hence, your customers only have access to their own quotes and order transactions. For each sales quote, the system provides the purchase quote number, date and amount of the quote. The Outstanding Sales Order function allows your customers to verify status of their outstanding orders as to whether or not the order is on-schedule, the shipped and unshipped amounts, and the sales order amount. Each order is displayed and can be clicked on to view shipment details, order quantities, and backordered quantities. As an added feature, users can click the Detail option to display and print the actual sales order document.

Check Unpaid Invoices

The Outstanding Balance function generates a list of outstanding invoices, and even prints a current customer statement. For each invoice, the total invoice amount, paid and balance amounts are shown in the grid. If you want to view the line items covered by the invoice, simply click the invoice number.

Check Payment History Information

Your customers can also perform an online inquiry of their payment history for the last 12 months. Specifically, the system lists the check numbers and references, apply payment date and check amount. With this information available online, customers can perform account reconciliation whenever they want, without waiting for you to provide them with details.

Perform Transaction Queries

Your customers can use the Invoice Query function to view all the invoices (paid or outstanding) created under their account. Customer can use the Transaction Query function to view their invoice and payment transactions.

Generate Item Listing

The Item Listing function generates a list of the product lines that are available for sale to your customers via the Internet. Aside from providing information as to the on-hand and available quantities, unit costs, description and specifications about the inventory item, you can also show the image of the product online. In many cases, the product image is one of the deciding factors in helping customers to make their purchase online.

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