Aplos Software is simple nonprofit accounting software. Aplos means simple in Greek. Aplos was created by a nonprofit founder and CPA who was frustrated with the complexity of the accounting software on the market. After searching for a year, he gave up on finding a simple fund accounting software and created Aplos.

Aplos was designed specifically for the non-accountant volunteer. Aplos is simple because there are only a few buttons to master on the home screen. Aplos is online which allows for multiple users, automatic backup, and access from virtually everywhere.

And Aplos performs true fund accounting. With Aplos you can separately track donations and expenses by project or fund. Aplos has easy-to-use, customizable reporting. Aplos is also built on an app model. You only pay for what you use – not a thousand features you don’t need. You can get the base product when your organization’s accounting needs and cash are at there lowest point. When your organization grows along with its accounting needs you can simply add functionality from our Aplos store.

Spend more time on your passion and less time on accounting with Aplos! Aplos offers a free trial and lots of free help including: quickstart guides, videos, phone support and webinars. Start your free trial today.