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  • Unlimited number of items
  • By item individual sales VAT and purchase VAT codes supports different rates.
  • The stock level is always the sum of all transactions on the item. The stock value is always the sum of all sales and purchase transactions on the item. The cost prices is the stock value divided by the stock level (weighted average) if possible; otherwise, it is the expected purchase price on the product.

Pricelists and discounts

  • A product has a standard sales price and expected purchase price.
  • Additional pricelists with price breaks and valid date intervals is maintained on the item,
  • Sales and purchase discounts with breaks by item number, discount group, quantity and valid dates are maintained in the item.

Sales price recalculation

  • Batch recalculation of sales prices based on cost prices and target gross margin.
  • Recalculates standard sales price and price lists.

Alternative product

  • Alternative product to be suggested on out-of-stock or discontinued products.

Multiple locations

  • Multiple warehouses and bins.
  • Stock level and value by warehouse.
  • Move stock to other warehouses using product journal or internal dispatch notes

Stock revaluation

  • Revalue stock items by fixed cost price, last purchase price or last purchase + percentage.
  • Recalculation can be simulated to view impact before posting.
  • All changes are posted to General Ledger.

Product journals

  • Unlimited number of stock journals for manual regulation of stock quantity and value.

Bill of Material

  • One-level bill of material, which can include products, services and other bill-of-materials.

BOM Production

  • Enables production of master product to stock which a stock value compound from the stock value of materials.
  • Checks for available stock
  • Print work order
  • Supports variants of master product from one bill-of-material.

Lot- and serial number registration

  • Items are flagged for lot- or serial number registration.
  • Optionally requires lot- or serial number to be entered at receiving notes or purchase invoices.
  • Optionally requires lot- or serial number to be entered at delivery notes or sales invoices.

Lot- and serial number tracking

  • Tracking of serial number from purchase, through BOM production, to delivery.
  • Track by Lot/Serial number, customer, vendor or item no.
  • Print or export to Excel.

Generation of purchase proposals

  • Purchase order suggestions are generated by vendor based on stock level, replenishing level, sales orders, purchase orders and optionally including quotations and other suggested purchase orders.

Additional product taxes

  • Unlimited number of tax codes and rates for additional product taxes, e.g. environmental tax.
  • Optionally add taxes at product delivery or invoicing
  • Optionally add taxes at product receipt or purchase invoicing

EU Intranet

  • European Union internal products and services by country trade and transport statistics.

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