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Flexible accounting periods

  • Define any start date for the fiscal year and specify own accounting periods to be used with budgets, statistics and reports.
  • Transfer year-end results to the balance sheet and simultaneously balance out all income statement accounts.

Multiuser environment

  • Multiple journals, each with its own document number series.
  • Work in general journal while others are entering and posting data at the same time.

Bank accounts reconciliation

  • Manage an unlimited number of bank accounts.
  • Recon bank accounts manually or automatic by date and amount.

Automated transactions

  • Simplify transaction management with general, recurring.
  • Post frequent transactions to the general ledger using a recurring journal.
  • Reverse or cancel transactions


  • Analyze and correlate performance by assigning financial data that identifies characteristics or “dimensions” such as departments, cost centers, purpose and project.
  • Assign multiple dimensions to each budget entry; filter budget reports by up to four dimensions to create sub-budgets that match the organizational structure.

Detailed audit trails

  • Help comply with financial regulations with data tracking and detailed audit trails.
  • Access general ledger entries through the chart of accounts, in which each entry is assigned an entry number, transaction number, source code, reason code, and user ID when it is posted.

Change log

  • Improve error traceability with a change log that lists chronologically all direct modifications made to master data with an associated user ID.

Intelligent transaction posting

  • Check journal balances before entries are posted.
  • Find out how entries will affect all accounts, and make necessary adjustments before posting the journal.

Detailed budgets

  • Create budgets with a breakdown of every general ledger account and every total in the chart of accounts; then, print actual balances and show variances by percentage.

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