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The Aplicor 3C e-commerce module is an ASP.NET 4 application combining multiple sections of data and design into one coherent HTML-website. SQL Data is converted to XML-streams from corresponding store procedures, which are transformed to HTML building blocks using XSLT-templates.

The generic nature of the e-commerce engine allows for completely free designs and inclusion of all data and customizations in the HTML-output.

Since all structure, sections, menus and content is stored as data, templates can defined for easy start-up. All content and design can also be accessed and maintained through the API.

Aplicor 3C ERP-clients also double as maintenance system for the e-commerce application.

e-commerce applications are installed on third party web hotels, which also handle e-mail, domain registration, etc. The web hotel provides ftp-access for upload and storage space for images.

Built-in e-commerce

  • Aplicor 3C e-commerce module is native to Aplicor 3C ERP and runs on the same customer database.
  • All data is retrieved real-time and provide up-to-date stock levels and delivery information.
  • The ERP Windows and Web-clients works as build and maintenance tools for the e-commerce data.


  • A website is designed with any number of sections, each with a XML/XSLT pair. This allows the website to include any number of data tables – standard or custom - and other data sources.
  • Informational pages are setup like a newspaper with individual pages with any number articles.
  • Menu’s are defined in the ERP-client.
  • Any number sections sets can be designed giving the website a different structure for the front page, info pages, product catalog, shopping basket, extranet and other uses.

Product catalog

  • The products in Aplicor 3C ERP can be used directly in the e-commerce module just enabling a tick mark and assigning a product groups.
  • Product groups are setup in the ERP-clients.
  • Images are uploaded to the web hotel, using ftp from the ERP-clients.
  • Stock levels are real-time data and can be displayed as a number, color code or nor at all.
  • Expected delivery dates for out-of-stock products is real-time retrieved from purchase orders.
  • Products can be searched on product group, manufacturer, barcode or product number and any text.
  • Products can be added to favorite lists
  • Easy re-ordering from a list of previous purchased products.
  • Related products is setup in the administration.

Shopping Basket

  • Quick order enables customer to enter product numbers directly into the basket (e.g. when ordering from a printed catalog).
  • Calculated shipping dates by product and for the entire order are displayed optionally.
  • A shopping basket can set up to require customers to pay any outstanding balance when ordering and paying with credit cards.
  • A shopping basket can set up to allow customers to pay money owed to then when ordering and paying with credit cards.
  • Unfinished shopping baskets are saved for re-use (requires cookies) when the customer comes back to the webshop.


  • Customers can shop without logging in and by credit card
  • Credit card payments handled through integration with third party gateways, currently DIBS and QuickPay.


  • Customers can login and thereby see their own prices, price breaks, discounts and products exclusive to them.
  • Delivery and invoicing addresses and info is automatically field in.
  • The customer’s credit terms is available as a payment option.


  • Customers and vendors can login and see their own real-time account data.
  • Customers can access selected fields in their own record, see current outstanding balance, see the account statement, pending quotes, sales orders, deliveries and invoices.
  • Vendors can access selected fields in their own record, see current outstanding balance, see the account statement, pending purchase suggestions, purchase orders, receipts and invoices.

Order Management

  • E-mails are sent to customers and shop owner with order confirmation and credit cards receipt upon completing the order.
  • Orders originating in the e-commerce module are instantly placed as sales orders in the ERP system and are immediately ready for delivery and invoicing.
  • Checks on stock levels, partial delivery and back orders are handled like any other order entered in the ERP-system.
  • Order lines from web orders are reserved and included in the generation of purchase suggestions like other orders.


  • Users can sign-up for newsletters
  • Newsletters are design using XSLT-templates and written in pages and articles
  • Old newsletters can we viewed in the website.
  • Newsletters are batch e-mailed from the ERP-clients.

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