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All transactions are fully integrated with General Ledger. Cross-module balancing is built into the data model.

Business intelligence

  • Gain business insight with the ability to create standard or ad-hoc reports and KPIs, and export the data to Microsoft® Office Excel®.
  • Access payables data and create professional-looking reports using Crystal Reports.

Purchase invoicing

  • Post and print vendor invoices and purchase credit memos.
  • Reduce manual data entry with vendor transactions, including invoices and payments that are automatically posted to the general ledger.

Recurring journals

  • Streamline processes by using recurring journals for the most common transactions, such as monthly lease payments or Internet access bills.

Multicurrency support

  • Define the currencies for business transactions and determine how those currencies are rounded and posted.
  • Calculate exchange rate gains and losses automatically.
  • Specify a default currency for each vendor and manage the entire account in that currency, including payments.

Standard purchasing

  • Automate repetitive purchases by setting up standard purchase lines to insert into purchase orders.

Partial and prepayment capabilities

  • Supports part payments of invoices.
  • Supports payment of multi invoices full or partial.
  • Supports payments of invoices in different and multiple currencies.
  • Create and track a prepayment invoice on a purchase order until the order is fully invoiced to significantly reduce manual updates.

Payables management

  • Prioritize the order in which vendors should be paid, or determine payment schedules by discount availability.
  • Stop payment on specific purchase orders until purchase invoice approval, or block specific transactions that require investigation.

Vendor account management

  • Establish account records for each vendor that specify payment terms such as currency, tax information, and payment due dates.
  • Get in-depth statistics about vendor balances, total purchases, and payments.
  • Manage purchase of the same items from several different vendors with the ability to create alternative vendors and price information for inventory items.

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"Accounts Payable" is part of the Aplicor 3C® line of products, developed by Aplicor.

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