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The Management Screens in SOS give you all you need to manage your members and finances. The Management screen features several incredibly useful functions of the system:

  • Membership Information Screen
    • Store an unlimited number of members with multiple addresses, emergency names, numbers, or cell phone numbers.
    • 35 fields for storing member information, with 12 user-defined field.
    • Store Anniversary date, Join Date, Renew Date, etc.
    • Send emails to any member or contact.
    • Produce personalized mailing labels
    • Store individual member notes

  • Audit Trail Screen - The audit trail will keep a detailed log of when changes were made, storing the previous data as well

  • Reminders Screen
    • Assign ticklers to use as reminders.
    • Ticklers feature allows you to include a description
    • Use find option to search for members by tickler or tickler date

  • Member List Screen
    • Search for members by Last Name, First Name, Member Number or Join date
    • View and organize lists by member type, member attribute, or view archived members.

  • SOS Calendar
    • Input upcoming events
    • Special dates in a shared network environment
    • Setup you own holidays
    • Print calendar notes for any date range
    • Track Reminders

  • Activities/Committees Screen
    • Add as many activities as you need to track.
    • Assign members to a committee
    • Print reports, labels, letters for any activity
    • Send an email to any member of a committee with an email address.
    • Print a list of members not involved in any activities

  • Member Attributes Screen
    • Allows you to assign keywords to members.
    • Keywords can describe the member allowing you to search members by attribute.
    • Assign multiple attributes to each member
  • Reports Screen - In the reports screen you can search any of the following fields
    • Member Number or Last Name
    • City or Zip code range
    • Birth Month, Day range
    • Join Date and Anniversary range
    • Resign Date and Renew Date Range
    • Gender and Age range
    • Occupation
    • Public School and Grade
    • Members with Multiple addresses

  • Member Notes Screen - allows you to record regular notes, confidential notes, and doctor’s notes.

  • Member Attributes Screen
    • Track special skills per member
    • Add and update Bar/Bat Mitzvah and Confirmation dates
    • Print reports within on any selected attribute

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"Management Screens" is part of the SOS line of products, developed by Ansin Technology Group.

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